State of the Art Alternative Health Care 

The Phoenix is the ancient Fire Bird from ancient mythologies living for 1,000 years before bursting into flames. It rose out of its own ashes to live again. A drop of its tear healed wounds making a person indestructible. Nothing could harm it. The Phoenix was the symbol of regeneration and rebirth.


Phoenix Wellness Services is rooted in this notion of regeneration. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves given the proper tools of  herbs, nutritious food, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Phoenix Wellness Services equips your body to heal itself. PWS draws from a library of over 25,000 clinical studies. It is the one of best up-to-date sources of proven alternative therapies. PWS specializes in enzymes and enzyme therapy. PWS offers specialized testing to determine underlying causative factors contributing to your health problems.

Digestion is one of the 5 Pillars of Foundational Health

Foods with processed sugars and hydrogenated fats and genetically modified (GMO) foods produce inflammation. Add environmental toxins and a lack of exercise and you have a “Perfect Storm” for disease. Pharmaceutical drugs do not heal disease. They suppress disease symptoms. This drives disease deeper into the body causing worse severe, chronic health issues.

Eating organically grown food, avoiding pesticides and GMO foods supports normal, healthy function. Drinking pure water and exercising encourages your body’s healing processes. Digesting foods completely, releases healing nutrients to feed your cells, tissue and organs. Digestion only occurs by enzymes breaking down large food molecules into micro-molecular sized nutrients.This creates optimal health.

Don’t Second Guess Your Health

You are an active participant in your healing process. Special testing is available to get to the root causes of any health issue. It is the goal of PWS to assure a successful outcome on any health challenge. To make an appointment please call Mark Rojek at 734-475-2737


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