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Discover Your Optimal Health Enzyme Nutrition Therapy Know Your Genes Living in a Toxic World Stress: The Only Disease

Discover Your Optimal Health

Optimal health is much more than "feeling healthy", it encompasses every aspect of your life; physical, emotional and spiritual. It allows you to face your daily challenges with grace, calm and holding your ground in the most difficult situations.

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Enzyme Nutrition Therapy

Enzymes are the "Spark" of all life. They initiate, speed up, slow down and stop every bodily function. Everyone has enzyme deficiencies. Through the Principles of Dr. Loomis' Food Enzyme Institute, Phoenix Wellness Services determines your specific dietary and enzyme needs. With unique individual programs, you regain and maintain Optimal Health

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Know Your Genes

Recent advancements in genetic testing allow you to understand what makes you - YOU. While genetic variants have the potential for illness, overwhelming evidence shows what you eat, drink and your immediate environment determine if the gene "turns on" or remains "off". Take control of your health through epigenetics.

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Living in a Toxic World

The Quicksilver Tri-Mercury Test is the only one that tests for both organic and non-organic mercury levels. It determines your capacity for efficient detoxification and has the protocols to support detox without harmful side effects or the Herxheimer's Reaction. Other detox programs are available.

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Stress: The Only Disease

Stress is often misunderstood as we have vague ideas about it. We are all familiar with emotional/mental stress but there are other causes. Structural/mechanical stress occurs after injuries or can be chronic as in fallen arches (flat feet), scoliosis or other spinal or neck problems. Nutritional/dietary stress occurs when one cannot digest carbohydrates, fat or protein efficiently enough to nourish cells, tissues, glands or organs. Without modifying or eliminating the source of stress, it contributes to adrenal dysfunction and elevated cortisol levels. Identifying the source of stress is an opportunity to correct our lifestyle habits and return to Optimal Health.

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Some Problems of Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor Antidepressants

In her book, “Prozac: Panacea or Pandora”, Ann Blake Tracy Ph.D., quotes Dr. Candice Pert, Ph.D., the co-developer of the serotonin binding process; “I…

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Genetic Testing for Weight Loss

Individualized Genetic Analysis for Optimal Weight Loss and Athletic Performance

You workout several times a week, eat a healthy diet but still cannot drop weight…

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Quicksilver Tri-Mercury Test

What is Mercury?

Mercury, also known as quicksilver, is a heavy, silvery-white metal and is one of two metals that are liquid at room temperature….

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Dedicated to Alternative and Complementary Medicine

The Phoenix is the ancient fire bird from Greek and other cultural mythologies. It was said to live for 1,000 years. Near the end of its life-cycle, it built a nest from cinnamon twigs and set itself and the nest ablaze. Out of the ashes arose a new Phoenix to live again for another 1,000 years. A drop of its tear would instantly heal any wound and make the person indestructible and immortal. No harm could befall it.

It is this concept of regeneration at the Heart of Phoenix Wellness Services (PWS). With a private library of over 18,000 clinical studies from peer-reviewed medical journals, it continues growing as new studies are available. PWS is up-to-date on all the latest research related to alternative medicine and more.

Fast foods high in sugar, hydrogenated fats, high-fructose corn syrup, lack of exercise, genetically modified foods and exposure to environmental toxins bring about disease. The clinical studies bear this out time and time again, yet standard medicine acts as if they do not know why disease has increased. Instead, they suppress symptoms through pharmaceutical drugs, driving disease deeper into the body resulting in severe, chronic and sometimes incurable diseases.

Consuming organically grown food, pure water, avoiding pesticide ridden and GMO foods, exercising appropriately for one’s needs, supports the body’s ability to continually heal and regenerate on our cellular levels keeping us in optimal health.This is also found to be the overwhelming evidence in clinical studies. Yet, the media, the medical organizations and insurance companies fail to tell the public this. Instead, they purport natural remedies to be “dangerous”, unsafe and ineffective. However, when one actually reads the studies and deciphers the fancy language, it is clear natural remedies are not only effective but superior as there usually are not side-effects when properly administered.

It is the goal of PWS to ensure your role in the decision making process and enhance the therapeutic outcome on any health challenge. To make an appointment please call

Mark Rojek at 734-475-2737


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Dedicated to Alternative and Complementary Medicine The Phoenix is the ancient fire bird from Greek and other cultural mythologies. It was said to live for 1,000 years. Near the end of its life-cycle, it built a nest from cinnamon twigs and set itself and the nest ablaze. Out of the ashes arose a new Phoenix […]

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