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Genetic Testing for Weight Loss

Individualized Genetic Analysis for Optimal Weight Loss and Athletic Performance

You workout several times a week, eat a healthy diet but still cannot drop weight to meet your ideal goal. You have tried numerous diets only to be frustrated and are ready to give up. Conceivably it could be an underlying genetic trait preventing you from achieving your weight and optimal health and fitness.

The interaction of science and genetics has altered the way we look at health. The human genome program has made possible far-reaching opportunities for the health and fitness communities to apply science to individual weight loss and fitness programs. DNA testing and genotyping programs help educate each individual on how their unique body works.

Using full gene sequencing, Fit by Design™ provides an individualized approach to fitness and health. It is optimized to help anyone looking to lose weight, maximize their time spent exercising or simply to reach optimal health; from the obese to the athletic enthusiasts to drop those last five pounds. The efficacy of the results ensures everyone has the ability to reach their goals. Metabolic tests or SNP analysis (single nucleotide polymorphism) are only partial snapshots of the genes or metabolic function, whereas full gene sequencing paints a clear picture of the metabolic pathway.

Because it is based on DNA, it does not change; the protocol you receive is applicable for a lifetime. The knowledge gained from genetic analysis surpasses other platforms due to the technology and relevance to each individual. With Fit by Design™ everyone will see results. As we are all unique individuals, so too, our path to wellness must become individualized.

Contained in the nucleotides of DNA are the genetic instructions for every function in the body. Traditionally, DNA was explained in terms of dictating an individual’s hair and eye color, height, freckles or none. It is also true in enzymatic pathways, receptor function and ultimately the precise requirements for exercise, diet and nutritional supplements.

How Will Test Results Help Me?

Many diet, exercise and supplement programs fall short because they lack crucial elements of biological and biochemical reactions in any given individual. Approaching diet, exercise, and custom supplementation to achieve weight loss, optimal body composition and wellness is most efficiently accomplished through utilization of genetic information.

According to research conducted for the obesity gene map, there are approximately 250 genes linked with obesity in the human genome. Numerous clinical studies describe wide variety of physiological attributes pertaining to obesity such as: BMI (body mass index), body fat mass, percentage of body fat, resting metabolic rates, plasma leptin levels, and other components of fat distribution and energy balance. Five unique gene positions along the obesity gene map provide extensive data to explain part of the genetic predisposition for insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome and suboptimal fat digestion and utilization.

Detecting and interpreting problems along these five positions allows for specific nutritional and dietary recommendations to support the genetic make-up in metabolic pathways, cellular function and physiological and cardiovascular response to exercise. This analysis incorporates the biological response and nutritional data with an individual’s genetic composition for proper cellular activation and function, thereby leading to the most favorable outcome.


The analysis identifies the genetic weakness that has the most influential role in your physiological response(s) targeted for weight loss, nutrient absorption or metabolic process. Initially, the most influential gene is analyzed in regards to each section (DO, EAT or TAKE), which provides the foundation for each recommendation of exercise (DO); diet (EAT) and specific supplementation (TAKE). Exploring the interplay of liabilities that support or potentially override your genetic expressions, you can make adjustments to the final results based on the physiological interaction(s).

The most frequently asked questions about weight loss, “What do I DO, what should I EAT, and which supplements are best to TAKE?” are finally answered based on your genetic typing. Fit by Design™ results includes straightforward explanations and simple presentations about how to work with your genetics rather than against them. Twenty pages of genetic exercise and nutrition information can be a little overwhelming. Fit by Design™ designed worksheets to help anyone along the way. The process of recording current workouts and meals instantly increases the awareness of your everyday actions. Only then, will you truly know what adjustments are necessary for optimal efficiency. Implementing the protocols ensures your success in regaining your health while managing your most favorable weight.
Your genetic variants will determine physical requirements from 10% High Intensity/90% Steady Aerobic to 90% High Intensity/10% Steady Aerobic and everything in between. Fit by Design™ outlines the percentage breakdown of an exercise program and how much exercise is needed for you individually (DO).

The EAT section of your results contains clear and precise dietary guidelines and percentages of carbs, fats and proteins for daily meals, right down to the grams and calories for each day. We identify how much fat is absorbed in the bloodstream and the degree of sensitivity to glucose metabolism. Dietary guidelines are designed to support genetic variants and provide healthy caloric intake in relation to the DO section, assuming each client is compliant.

Certain vitamins, minerals and herbs directly stimulate the five genes tested in the Fit by Design™. Variations of these genes produce specific and unreliable results in exercise or dietary protocol making weight loss and fitness difficult. The data found in research, published materials and journals relevant to the genetic weaknesses on the genes tested, in collaboration with energy and nutritional requirements or limitations of each individual, facilitates a carefully selected nutritional supplement program to support each genotype. (TAKE)

What about Privacy?

The Fit by Design™ analysis collects client’s genetic and personal information to provide genetic results and services pertaining to the genetic tests ordered. Fit by Design™ discloses genetic information only with your health care provider only in the occurrence that the genetic test was ordered through your health care provider. It does not share your information with a third party service for surveys or services. It does not share information with employers or health insurance providers. You are protected under the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) of 2008.

Simplified Genetics LLC laboratory may use your genetic information for private research performed by Simplified Genetics laboratory for data collection, research or other methods to better understand polymorphisms, phenotypes or genotypes that will better serve the scientific community. Your information is not shared or disclosed to any organization. Your genetic information is and remains encrypted and traceable only by unique ID Codes.