In the Event of a Code Red

Ever since 9/11, there have been constant reports in the news about what might happen if there would be a “Code Red”. How prepared are you from a so-called “terrorist” attack? If suddenly we found ourselves confined to our homes and not have access to medicines to ward off biological or chemical attacks, what will we do? What natural remedies are available to us?

During the time of Louis Pasteur, another brilliant physician named Antoine Beauchamp actively pursued a different line of reasoning for disease other than germs. On his deathbed Pasteur is known to have said, “Beauchamp was right. It is not the germ but the terrain.” By terrain, he was restating Beauchamp’s notion that germs cannot proliferate in a healthy internal environment-the healthy terrain of the body. The internal environment must be balanced bio-chemically (nutrition), and maintained through dietary intake. Adequate water and proper exercise adds to the total health. This in part, explains why some people become ill when exposed to “germs” and others do not.

There are many alternative therapies that are effective but without the known side-effects of conventional drugs. First and foremost is a clean diet of organic food. While the detrimental effects of pesticides are well documented, few realize the mineral content of organic food is many times greater than commercially grown food. This is important because minerals are involved in hundreds of enzyme functions. Enzymes are the “Spark of Life”. They are responsible for every biochemical reaction in the body. This is especially true in liver detoxification of chemicals and toxins. Metabolic detoxification in the liver depends upon enzymes to successfully eliminate these noxious compounds.

Enzymes are perhaps the most important component of our immune system. White blood cells manufacture a variety of enzymes to combat invading micro-organisms. Pathogenic organisms are literally digested because of enzymes secreted by white blood cells. As early as 1906, doctors began using enzymes to treat disease, including cancer and malaria. Later, with the advent of antibiotics, enzyme therapy fell out of use and received little attention in this country.

Proteases are protein digesting enzymes. They break down protein found in the blood or tissue that does not belong there. This includes undigested food remnants, viruses, bacteria and parasites. Proteases are potent anti-microbials capable of eliminating micro-organisms quickly. They are immune system modulators able to alter white blood cell response and killer cell activity. Killer cells are one of the first lines of defense of the immune system. As their name implies they are responsible for attacking and digesting bacteria and viruses.

Catalase is a fascinating enzyme in immunology. Catalase in the cell destroys hydrogen peroxide as a result of normal energy production. Some the most deadly bacterial strains studied were observed to have high catalase production in relation to hydrogen peroxide used by white blood cells in their attempt to destroy the bacteria. The higher the catalase content the more virulent the bacteria was found to be. Reduced catalase content of normal cells means less resistance to bacteria exposure. Conversely, the higher the catalase production in normal cells the less likely to succumb to an infection.

All raw food contains enzymes that eventually break down the food. An apple ripening is due to enzymes breaking it down into composted material. When we eat raw food, the inherent enzymes do the work of digestion, thus sparing our body’s enzyme reserves. All food enzymes are destroyed when heated to 118°F. When cooked food is eaten, enzymes still must digest the food. However, cellular enzymes are diverted from other areas of our body, especially the immune system to simply digest food.

    The rush to Third world countries by pharmaceutical companies to find medicinal plants is very revealing. Traditional plants have great potential for healing. Many of these have known anti-microbial properties and are very powerful. Among Western botanicals are plants with either essential oils or other alkaloid properties.

Some common plants with proven essential oil anti-microbial properties are:

*Lavender *Lemon Balm *Oregano * Peppermint * Rosemary *Sage *Tea Tree *Thyme

Herbs with established anti-viral properties include:

*Aloe Vera *Astralagus * Echinacea *Galangal (found in Thai food) * Garlic * Ginger * Lemon Balm * Licorice root *Olive leaf extract *Oregano * Pau D’Arco * St. John’s Wort and *Thyme

Herbs with confirmed anti-bacterial properties, namely alkaloids are:

*Aloe Vera *Berberine containing plants – Barberry, Goldenseal root, Oregon grape root and Goldenthread *Cinnamon bark *Garlic and onion *Ginger root *Grapefruit seed extract *Echinacea (only mild) *Lemon Balm *Licorice root *Mint *Myrrh *Neem (from India) *Olive leaf extract *Oregano *Pau D’Arco *St. John’s Wort *Turmeric root (the bright orange found in Indian curries) *Thyme *Uva Ursi and *Yarrow

    With the advance of spring and summer months, eating a 75-85% raw food diet assures an abundance of daily enzyme intake. In addition, taking plant-based enzymes with cooked food will guarantee digestion. Digestion is essential because every cell depends upon nutrients derived from food for energy, tissue repair and maintaining a strong immune function. Regeneration and rejuvenation on a cellular level can happen rapidly, ensuring healing and recovery from any potential disease we may be exposed to.

By applying principles observed by Beauchamp, namely that it is the “terrain”, or internal environment, that determines whether or not a “germ” will lead to “disease”; we are challenged to make the changes in our diet, our perceptions of ourselves and our environment. It is foolish to believe we can continue in our old patterns. We are asked to sacrifice our egoist behaviors that have brought us to this state of near catastrophic events and bring forth the Divine Spirit in our daily lives. Our families and everything this country has stood for is at stake.


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