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Phoenix Wellness Services is the result of Mark Rojek’s odyssey beginning in 1970 meeting various experts of natural healing. Some influential personages included Dick Gregory, political activist also known in the world of alternative medicine for his expertise in fasting; the late Dr. John Christopher, Master herbalist of Provo, Utah; the late Dr. Allen J. Bell, a Canadian Chiropractor, Homeopath, Master Herbalist, Naturopath and Master Acupuncturist, and Dr. Howard Loomis Jr. the leading authority in the clinical use of plant-based enzymes.

Mr. Rojek began studying acupuncture in 1973 with Dr. Alan J. Bell in Windsor, Ontario, Canada who encouraged him to train in alternative medicine modalities.

Thanksgiving_09Receiving a B.S. from Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI, he traveled to Europe in 1979  living in different countries before settling in London, England. He studied Classical Homeopathic Medicine with Dr. Johar, one of the consulting physicians to the British Royal Family; studied aromatherapy and massage therapy at the Arnould Taylor Institute in London and was part of an on-going group of health care professionals utilizing practical applications in Applied Kinesiology.

Returning to Chicago, IL he developed a clinical nutrition practice and in 1986 began training in enzyme therapy with Dr. Howard Loomis Jr. He formally studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. In 1992 he traveled to Guangzhou, China being schooled and certified as an acupuncturist at the International Training Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine. From 1998-1999 he continued training with Dr. Bell in Canada. Dr. Bell passed away in October of 1999.

The Australian magazine, “NEXUS: New Times” published Mr. Rojek’s 3-part article of Enzyme Nutrition Therapy. (Nov/Dec 2003; Jan/Feb 2004; and Mar/APR 2004). He has written for many local Michigan health magazines including CoSozo Living health magazine. His article on enzyme therapy appeared in the Sept/Oct 2010 issue of the “Well Being Journal”. Mr. Rojek is preparing a book for publication in the next few months detailing the importance of enzyme nutrition in the field of health. He has lectured on Enzyme Therapy at the University of Michigan and Washtenaw Community College. He works with the University of Michigan first year medical students introducing them to principles of alternative medicine, focusing on enzymes and nutrition.

Mark Rojek is an Advanced Loomis Digestive Health Professional graduating from the Food Enzyme Institute in Madison, WI – the only educational facility teaching enzyme nutrition therapy in the US. Food Enzyme institute With 32 years clinical experience in enzyme therapy, several doctors refer their most difficult patients and consult with Mr. Rojek for his expertise in enzyme therapy.

Dr. Howard Loomis Jr. lecturing at the Food Enzyme Institute in Madison, WI, 2017

Since June, 2017 Phoenix Wellness Services has partnered with Lucia (Chia) Miller to offer the very best in nutrition, personal training, health and wellness coaching. Certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 2000, Chia has worked closely with countless people from various walks of life. Beginning at Great West Fitness in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Chia has facilitated her clientele’s achievement of increased energy and vitality through her attention to detail and personal care for over 20 years.

In 2007, Chia opened a private studio and was much sought after throughout Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her reputation preceded her when, in 2014, she moved to White Rock BC, opening her second private studio. Knowing the difficulties women face reaching their goals with the pressures of family and work, Chia  focuses on helping women meet their nutritional and exercise needs via Skype as well as in her studio. Even stay-at-home moms can fulfill their need for fitness and nutritional instruction.

Chia brings to Phoenix Wellness Services her expertise as a personal fitness trainer, health and wellness coach. Her culinary skills are demonstrated in the nutritious meals she instructs clients how to prepare. Not confined to a studio, Chia has expanded her 20 year plus experiences via Skype to the many clientele in Canada and America. She contributes significantly to the recovery and well being of patrons across the continent.