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Integrative Medicine

Many who enter the field of western medicine have a genuine desire to help others. Nonetheless, the “system” and business of medicine changes it quickly. The education received in medical school is seldom questioned. There is a bias within the educational system designed to undermine true inquiry regarding the beliefs and ideas as taught. Integrative […]

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Caring for a Special Needs Child

Until one is a parent of a child with a chronic medical condition, one can never know the daily challenges and sacrifices under such circumstances. However possible it is to overcome the heartache knowing your child will never have a “normal” life, one lives day to day hoping for some relief and a miracle. What […]

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Food as Mindfulness

It should be simple. We breathe, we drink, we eat; we live. But are we, in reality, consciously engaged in these fundamental activities? Are we aware of our relationship to them? Few of us eat, drink, breathe and move in this world with mindfulness. Only some have an awareness of the far reaching connections we […]

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Some Dangers of Coumadin

One of the most fascinating aspects of pharmaceutical drugs is that the “method” or “mode of action” of most drugs is unknown. Reading the “Physicians’ Desk Reference” (PDR), which every doctor has in their office, you find “Mode of Action” to which is listed “Unknown”. Instead, one reads phrases like “is believed to cause” or […]

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In the Event of a Code Red

Ever since 9/11, there have been constant reports in the news about what might happen if there would be a “Code Red”. How prepared are you from a so-called “terrorist” attack? If suddenly we found ourselves confined to our homes and not have access to medicines to ward off biological or chemical attacks, what will […]

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WHAT ARE ADD/ADHD Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD) are defined as conditions that demonstrate impulsiveness, over-active behavior and inattentiveness. These inhibit a person’s effectiveness and ability to complete a task or studies at school or at work. HOW PREVALENT ARE THEY? According to the latest statistics, ADD and ADHD affect 3-5% […]

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