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Integrative Medicine

Many who enter the field of western medicine have a genuine desire to help others. Nonetheless, the “system” and business of medicine changes it quickly. The education received in medical school is seldom questioned. There is a bias within the educational system designed to undermine true inquiry regarding the beliefs and ideas as taught. Integrative […]

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Caring for a Special Needs Child

Until one is a parent of a child with a chronic medical condition, one can never know the daily challenges and sacrifices under such circumstances. However possible it is to overcome the heartache knowing your child will never have a “normal” life, one lives day to day hoping for some relief and a miracle. What […]

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In the Event of a Code Red

Ever since 9/11, there have been constant reports in the news about what might happen if there would be a “Code Red”. How prepared are you from a so-called “terrorist” attack? If suddenly we found ourselves confined to our homes and not have access to medicines to ward off biological or chemical attacks, what will […]

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