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Foundational Health and Healing – 5 Tenets to Recovering Your Health and Staying Fit

What is Foundational Health?

Foundational Health is rooted in the fact our body heals itself. Health and healing are programmed into every cell’s’ DNA and contains innate knowledge to restore and sustain optimal health. Our body does the healing only when given appropriate elements and the reduction of stress. The building blocks are simple, and essential for life. Reduction of stress frees the body to restore healthy cellular function. Without either, the body breaks down leading to illness and fails to heal effectively.

The Five Tenets of Foundational Health

1. Identify nutritional imbalances; improve digestion to restore balance and gut flora
2. Identify stressors; reduce or eliminate them
3. Identify genetic variations; use nutrition to by-pass them
4. Identify heavy metal/pesticide exposure; detoxify the body
5. Exercise according to one’s capabilities

Nutritional Imbalances, Digestion, Enzymes & the Human Microbiome

Everyone has nutritional imbalances due to changes of where food originates, how it is grown and processed. In recent years, mineral and vitamin content has been severely altered due to over-farming and failure to replace nutrients through composting and other means. Instead, nitrogen-based fertilizers and toxic pesticides yield bigger harvests while depleting soil nutrients and microbiology; both essential for growing healthy plants to provide optimal food nutrients.

An overlooked problem is digestion itself. Not all nutritional problems are a matter of deficiency but more often are problems of excess. All persons have dietary stress factors related to carbohydrates, fats/oils or protein. These are the basic components in food used to sustain energy and are essential for structure and function. Without them the body fails and disease sets in. But how well does one digest food? A Loomis 24-hour urinalysis reveals how well or poorly one digests carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Using test results one can modify dietary intake and use appropriate digestive enzyme formulas to improve digestion allowing for better absorption and utilization of food nutrients.

All bodily biochemical functions, especially digestion, require enzymes. Raw, unprocessed food contains the exact types and amount of enzymes necessary for digesting itself. However, cooking food destroys the enzymes forcing one’s immune system and pancreas to overwork at digesting food. Constant depletion of our body’s own enzymes leads to biochemical changes and chronic disease.

Using digestive enzymes stops this weakening of our immune system and exhaustion of the pancreas. Breaking down food into smaller nutrients required for cellular health is the goal. The Loomis 24 hour urinalysis detects food nutrients not being utilized, enzyme deficiencies and dietary stressors as protein, fat or carbohydrates. Only complete digestion can the body take the raw material in food and convert them into usable components for healthy structure, function, tissue repair and strong immune system.

In recent years the human genome has been decoded. Along with this effort others have studied what is termed human microbiome or microbiota. It is the trillions of bacteria living inside our digestive tract, mouth and on our skin. Research shows the remarkably positive benefits these bacteria have on our health. Without them many diseases can set in.

The effects of the microbiota range from digestive, endocrine, immune and neurological. Probiotics are touted in the media but knowing which products to use involves more than a celebrity. It is not a simple one-size fits all. It requires a practitioner knowledgeable in replenishing the gut flora with the correct beneficial bacterial strains.

Stress – The Only Disease

Dr. Hans Selye’s 1956’s book, “The Stress of Life” presented the role stress plays in developing disease. Most associate the word stress with vague notions of emotional trauma. Selye showed tangible biological and chemical laws governing the body’s response at different stages of what he termed the “general adaption syndrome”. Not all stress is detrimental. It can be the joy of a first kiss, the swimmer’s intense finish in a race. An emotional response to internal or external stimulus can cause this reaction. How your body responds and whether you have the capacity to respond appropriately determines whether it is positive or negative for you.
There are 3 major types of stress:

1 ~ Emotional/ mental
2 ~ Chemical/nutritional
3 ~ Mechanical/structural

We are all familiar with emotional stress because there is feeling; the nagging spouse, the critical boss, the sick child – we respond to them with an emotion. Chemical or nutritional stress is the result of dietary stressors and incompetent digestion – foods shown in the 24-hour urinalysis causing problems and failure to digest food properly enough to be utilized on a cellular level. A foot’s fallen arches, the difficulty walking for long periods show mechanical or structural stress as related to gravity – the constant downward pulling of the body. No matter which type of stress you experience, the results are the same – elevated stress hormones that eventually cause cellular damage and disease.

Seyle wrote adequate nutrition (food) is the key in how the body handles stress. Not the right food, the body succumbs to disease; sufficient nutritional support and the body stays strong without falling prey.

Genetic Variants – Not a Death Sentence but an Opportunity

The media has exploded with information on genetic tests identifying potential health risks. Celebrities tell us of the next genetic boogeyman. Unless one is born with a severe genetic defect, the problematic gene variant one has does not automatically sentence you to suffering and pain. What you are not being told is how specific intervention by passes the gene through nutrition, dietary modifications and exercise.

Not all genetic deviations are incurable. Surgery does not change the genes – it only removes an organ that may or may not ever manifest disease. With the ever growing field of epigenetics, clinical studies resound over and over how nutrition determines whether or not a gene will “turn on” or “off” – nutrition/food is the switch.

One of the best known genetic variants is MTHFR – Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase – an enzyme related to the utilization of folic acid (folate), one the many B vitamins. Initially, it was used as a marker for cardiovascular disease because a defect causes elevated homocysteine levels leading to cardiovascular disease. The range of effects MTHFR now includes several forms of cancer, psychosis, bi-polar disease, schizophrenia, major depressive disorders, autism and several forms of addiction. Nonetheless, using specially prepared B vitamins, the body gets around the genetic problem achieving normal cellular function. It’s that simple.

Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Detoxification

We live in a toxic world with daily exposure to heavy metals; arsenic, cadmium, lead, manganese, mercury and nickel. Hair mineral analysis is one way of showing normal or elevated levels. The Quicksilver Tri-mercury test confirms levels of organic and inorganic mercury. It is also the only program that tells you how well or poorly you are detoxifying mercury. The author of this brochure is experienced and qualified in utilizing this test.

Pesticides and herbicides are sprayed on food. Very little research has been done on safety levels. We’re told not to worry; however, the buildup of these in the body has never been fully studied. There are tens of thousands of untested chemicals used without our knowledge or understanding of their cumulative effects. This is reason enough to periodically detoxify our body. The author of this brochure can run tests to check levels of chemicals stored in the body. A regimen can then be implemented to successfully eliminate these chemicals without side-effects.

Exercise Appropriately and According to Your Needs

It is very simple. One must move according to one’s capacity whether you walk, run, swim, do Pilates®, yoga or weight training. Movement activates brain neurotransmitters, hormones and a host of other important chemicals. We are meant to move not sit. Your state of health determines what you can do. With time you can move onto advanced forms of exercise.

What Can I do?

Sherlock Holmes never left anything to chance. He used his powers of observation and logical thinking to arrive at the “elementary” conclusions. Signs and symptoms of any illness are just that – signs of something out of balance; something disturbing the equilibrium in the body’s chemistry and internal or external stressors the body has failed to correct. Using proper tests, taking good medical history and reading symptoms, one can arrive at the underlying causes of any health problem. A comprehensive individualized program can be implemented to recover your health. To schedule a consultation contact the practitioner on the front page