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Botanical Medicine

herbalremediesBotanical medicine represents the oldest form of pharmacological medicine. In fact, up to 85% of today’s known pharmaceutical drugs have been, and continue to be derived from the active properties obtained from plants or micro-organisms. By isolating plant components such as phenols or alkaloids, pharmaceutical drug companies chemically synthesize identified active plant or microbe ingredients that have been observed for centuries to heal the body. However, the artificial drugs do not heal the body of disease; they only suppress the symptoms. Drugs also cause many serious side-effects including death.

According to Homeopathic Medicine, synthetic drugs, manufactured from coal tar or petroleum, only drive the disease deeper into the body. The result is the disease manifesting itself later in time, with more virulence and with a different set of symptoms. This makes an accurate diagnosis very difficult. Are you dealing with the actual disease or the results from previous attempts to rid the body of the original symptoms through drugs?

For a very detailed, historical perspective on allopathic medicine (as practiced by most of the medical establishment today) please see the book, “Divided Legacy: The Conflict Between Homeopathy and The American Medical Association” by Harris Coulter, North Atlantic Books 1973. (This can be obtained through the Homeopathic Educational Services – see Links page – or any good book store)

At the turn of the 20th Century, the practice of Botanical and Homeopathic medicine was too great a competition for allopathic doctors. Fundamentally, the AMA was formed to drive this competition under. This is very well documented in Coulter’s book above. Those responsible were after a monopoly within the art and science of healing. It continues today in magazines, the onslaught of television advertisements and so-called medical experts associated with a television network. Like the proverbial frog being placed in cold water then heating it up slowly to cook it, the medical system has, over the years, introduced all sorts of propaganda. It’s designed to convince and train the public that not only are herbs, vitamins and other food nutrients ineffective, they are dangerous.

However, any serious minded person can research the facts to find the outright lies being propagated. How is it possible the human race has survived for hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions, using herbs and other food nutrients in times of illness? The very few occurrences (over thousands of years) associated with a side-effect from an herb in comparison to the vast amount of dangerous (death being the most relevant) side-effects from pharmaceutical drugs (since around the 1940’s) ought to help you realize the sham being perpetrated by those who stand to make the most money and control over your life.

In the late 1840’s, the Eclectic school of medicine was formed by the merging of  herbalists (known as Botanics) and “Thomsonians”. The latter were a group of practitioners advocating the philosophy of Samuel Thomas. His approach involved steam baths and the use of native American herbs, especially Lobelia root (Lobelia inflata). The herbalists used native plants but included many from Europe as well. It is from their writings and practical experience, and that of American Indians, we have gleaned information on the activity of botanicals commonly used today.


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