All Disease Begins in the Gut ~ Hippocrates

Hippocrates exclaimed “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”; “Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick”. Hippocrates is considered the “Father of Western Medicine”. All physicians take the Hippocratic Oath ~ First, do no harm.

The ongoing study of the human microbiome is revealing the complex intricacies between the microbiome, food, genetics and environment. The trillions of microorganisms living inside us and on our skin either keep us healthy or contribute to disease. This is especially true in neurological/mental health and immune issues. Research proves Hippocrates was correct centuries before modern times:

Heal the gut and you heal the body and mind

And so it comes full circle in any of today’s healing modalities: begin with the digestive tract; the gut. While Hippocrates did not have the tests available we have now, he knew first-hand what was necessary to heal human disease. He was also humble enough to know when his skills were not enough. In our modern era, “heroic medicine” may save some lives but is also responsible for failures when simple approaches would suffice. Our immediate emotional environment, our food whether it is without pesticides or not, our exposure to heavy metals and herbicides, genetically modified food and the purity of our water determine what potential genetic factors are triggered or remain dormant. These also determine the health of our microbiome.

Our microbiome is partially determined by ingestion of what we consume in all aspects. They, in turn, have a direct influence on our behavior which affects what we surround ourselves with. This symbiotic relationship has gone unnoticed for many decades. Ironically, when observed from a historical point-of-view, the ancients understood this relationship although may not have had the terminology to describe it. In this modern world of high-tech, computerized, robotic living with highly processed food, humans have become detached with their body-mind-spirit until disease sets in. Then it is like a 5 alarm fire going off. Were we to have explored the subtle world of our gut years ago, as we are now, think how many would not have had to suffer.

Our Innate Intelligence

We live in a world equipped with new tests designed to pinpoint minute alterations in our microbiome, genes and other cellular/biochemical functions that may reveal the changes leading to disease wherein, individualized treatment strategies can be incorporated sooner, thus sparing many from suffering. Returning to Nature for her remedies, we may experience a Renaissance of True healing and not simple suppression of symptoms. The body is always working to return to healthy function. It will sacrifice what it doesn’t need; it will incorporate what benefits it.

Our bodies have an Innate Intelligence designed to maintain optimal health. It is when we go against the Natural Laws do we succumb to disease. Our digestive tract (gut) is assaulted when we abuse our dietary choices. This determines the inhabitants living inside us and weakens our immune system. Your health is in your hands, no one else. The question you need to ask is will we choose wisely or foolishly?