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Integrative Medicine

Many who enter the field of western medicine have a genuine desire to help others. Nonetheless, the “system” and business of medicine changes it quickly. The education received in medical school is seldom questioned. There is a bias within the educational system designed to undermine true inquiry regarding the beliefs and ideas as taught. Integrative […]

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Caring for a Special Needs Child

Until one is a parent of a chronically ill child, one will never know the challenges and sacrifices made. It is difficult, if ever, to overcome the heartache knowing your child will never have a “normal” life. One lives day to day hoping for a little relief or miracle. What most parents take for granted […]

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Food as Mindfulness

It should be simple. We breathe, we drink, we eat; we live. But are we, in reality, consciously engaged in these fundamental activities? Are we aware of our relationship to them? Few of us eat, drink, breathe and move in this world with mindfulness. Only some have an awareness of the far reaching connections we […]

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